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GreenWood Studio
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Live Paint

I am inspired to paint at inconvenient times, such as while driving or showering or folding laundry. I might be moved by the sight of the blue mountains, a white church, or a stray roadside chicken. At other times I see the pictures in my head, fully formed but fleeting. I don't paint while driving but have been known to track wet footprints through the house in order to finger paint the latest vision and then jump back in the shower. I was recently feeling stymied by a lack of blank canvas but decided that the perfect use for our growing collection of previously clam-stuffed scallop shells would be to paint them. They can be completed while the whim is fresh, will make nice gifts for my friends, and recycling is a virtue! I don't have any pictures of those at the moment but will post some in the future. I also tend to paint over previous paintings. Here's one that I put down the laundry to turn out last weekend. It was quick and fun. Blessings.

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